[IMPORTANT] Lesson plans regarding spreading Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have an important notice from Fukuoka Foreign Language College.

Earlier last month, we at FFLC decided to postpone the starting day to May 9; however, since the epidemic of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is yet to be suppressed, we at FFLC decided to implement lesson plans as follows.

  • From May 11, we start lessons by implementing online lectures and/or giving out assignments. After COVID-19 epidemic is suppressed, we will start lessons in the school and give extra lectures using holidays.
    * Lesson plans may differ from course to course. Please follow teachers’ instruction.
  • We may have some days for lessons in the school when necessary.
  • We will start lessons in the school from June 1.
    * We will notify every student once the starting day is changed.

We will NOT implement lessons in the school on May 11. Instead, we will implement lessons by giving online lectures and/or by giving assignments.
Students are asked to prepare PC or smartphone and internet to use software such as “Zoom” for online lessons. If difficult, school will open some of the classrooms to accommodate such students. For using classrooms, please contact school first since there will be limit to maximum number of people that can be in a classroom for preventing in-the-school contagion.
Starting date/time and lesson roster differs from courses and classes. Please wait for teachers’ instructions and be sure to check school LINE and school website every day.

Originally we would like to give lessons in the school. However, given the circumstance, we had to make such decisions to ensure safety of students and faculty members. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, we have a message from our president Hitoshi IWAMOTO to students, parents and whom it may concern.
(The message is also available in this page.)

Greetings from Fukuoka Foreign Language College. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new students to FFLC from April. We have accepted students from 35 countries to study at FFLC.

In the attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19, Fukuoka prefecture has been subjected to the nation’s state of emergency declaration.
In terms of preventing further infection, we have already announced the cancellation of our entrance ceremony, and that all the lessons would start on May 11th. The lessons will be mainly conducted online. To cover the rest of the lessons that can’t be handled online, we are considering supplementary lessons on holidays. The actual lessons are planned to start from June 1st.

Last year, FFLC set a new concept, “We are a Global Family”, which leads to the idea of “Being in an exciting second home, where we can gain strength to live in the society.” Facing this threat, we have never encountered before, our concept allows us all to get together and maintain a perfect environment to learn.

Please let us express our condolences to those who passed away due to COVID-19. We would like to express our appreciation to all who are trying to prevent the spread of the disease and are involved in the frontline health care.

While we hope the convergence of the crisis, we will ensure that FFLC will remain a great place for students to learn. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Together, as a global family, we can get this through, by keeping hope for our bright future and love to our friends.

Fukuoka Foreign Language College
President Hitoshi IWAMOTO