Privacy Policy

Regarding the collection and use of personal data

In order to conduct its work smoothly, FUKUOKA SEIKEI GAKUEN (hereafter, "the College") collects and uses the personal data (name, address, telephone number, etc.) of students and other users.
In addition to observing the law regarding the protection of personal data and other relevant laws and ordinances, commonly accepted practices for the fair and proper handling of personal data will followed.
Moreover, the College will continuously review and improve its practices and policies pertaining to the protection, collection and handling of personal data.
Except when permitted by law, the College will not reveal or provide personal data to third parties without your permission.

The College uses personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To publicize the work of the College by distributing materials and by other means.
  2. To conduct surveys and research related to the work of the College.
  3. To respond to requests for various types of information about the College.
  4. To distribute information (on postcards or leaflets, via mail, etc.)
  5. To send, relay and manage material and data regarding student loans, insurance applications, etc.
  6. To relay information to producers of educational material, and to manage such information.
  7. To support the placement of graduates and the development of their careers.
  8. To execute and manage other student-related work of the College.
  9. To maintain a directory of graduates, to facilitate interaction among individuals related to the College, and to facilitate interaction between such individuals and the College itself.
  10. To perform other work of the College and related services.

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